Duration of quote’s validity, Confirmation, Legislation

In order for us to be able to put together a detailed quote, please be sure to provide us with all relevant information. Unless otherwise specified, all quotes are based on an 8 hour working day. In the case of a large project, or for a set of requirements that remains flexible, the quote is considered an estimate and can be modified if and when new elements come to light, for example: a switch of drivers in the case of a change of agenda, extra working hours, toll fees for itinerary changes.

Duration of quote’s validity

Unless agreed otherwise, quotes are valid for 2 months. Beyond this timeline, quotes may vary according to costs. However, any increase in a quote will be justified by economical factors such as an increase in the cost of petrol, tolls, exchange rates etc…


A quote will only be confirmed as an order once the client has accepted the quote and Swisstouring has agreed the order based on the client’s acceptance. The final agenda must be communicated at least 8 days ahead of the commencement date and all details must be specified: exact departure time, pick-up location, exact number of passengers, detailed description of itinerary with times, specific drop-off points, name and contact details of person(s) in charge, and overall any other relevant details to ensure the smooth running of the transport. For all other type of project such as client representation, administrative duties, research work, a list of tasks with dates will be established with each quote.


It is a priority for us to respect the local transport legislation. Implications: length of time during which one driver can be made available to the client (departure from and return to the garage included). One driver cannot work for more than 12 hours except in the case of a special dispensation from the labour inspectorate, allowing an extension to 14 hours. Beyond such hours, it is obligatory to make an additional driver available. Driving hours: daily driving hours are limited to 9 hours and can be extended to 10 hours, twice a week. It is mandatory for the driver to take a break lasting at least 45 minutes after any driving period of 4 hours and a half. This break can be broken up into 2 or 3 breaks lasting a minimum of 15 minutes. Rest time: over a 24 hour period, the daily rest time for a driver must be 11 consecutive hours. This can be reduced to a minimum of 9 consecutive hours three times a week.