Transfers, 1 day tours and travels

Group outings :

You may be responsible for a club for the elderly, or for another kind of group. We can arrange outings and trips especially suited to your people, to your style and to your budget. From the carnival in Venice to the tulip fields of Holland, or the opera house in Verona, our coaches will meander through Europe and further afield on the routes that you pick, fulfilling your curiosity and desires. Whatever the destination, we offer optimal travelling conditions as well as devoted and competent staff to accompany you (driver and tour companion).

Private outings:

We will put together, especially for you, itineraries that go off the beaten track, both cultural and (or) gastronomic .

At every opportunity, we will strive to enable you to take in all the sites, the works of art, and the hidden treasures. We enjoy helping to awaken your minds on various topics and so we will encourage you to travel that little bit further and sometimes “get your hands dirty” so that you can fully appreciate the experience of meeting, for example, a local artist or craftsman.

On such trips, we consider you to be our special guests and our biggest concern is to ensure your full satisfaction and enjoyment.

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